Stylish sunglasses virtual reality,virtual space experience

Dlodlo V1 (pronounced "Dodo") - is a VR-headset, like a pair of stylish sunglasses. The gadget will be available in October this year, adding to the ranks of existing VR-set.

The new headset weighs only 90 grams (for comparison, Vive weight is 500 grams) and has a Full HD display with a resolution of 2K. The screen supports 16: 9 format and free from the effect of mosquito nets.

Coverage field of view is 110 degrees, sweep frequency - 120 Hz, and the delay time of the image - just 10 milliseconds. Also, the device 9 is provided with two axial motion sensors.

The headset can be used safely in the street, because it is well blocks external light. V1 is similar to ordinary sunglasses, so it should not shock others. Another thing is that the guide dog is not included in the kit, and the happy owner of VR-points will come up against obstacles and other people.

V1 is connected to a PC or special D1 tablet computer, similar to the iPod Touch. The tablet provides points to 2 hours. The operating system installed on it Dlodlo OS, Android 5.0 modifiktsiya. The device is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices: tablets, phones, PCs, headphones, headsets and other so on. Just like the newfrog 3D Vision Glasses,it is used for viewing 3D Movies, print, magazines, comic books, Anaglyph 3D photos on the internet and publications,virtual space experience. Complementary color 3D glasses create the illusion of three-dimensional images by restricting the light that reaches each eye,What a cool.That is avaliable on newfrog virtual reality,come on.