Smartphone gadgets newfrog offer

Without Smartphone one is only half a man - no music, no Facebook, no camera. Oh, no phone. That will change soon. In the not too distant future, you should be more than a quarter of people without smartphone. The reason: More and more smart phone gadgets. Introducing the best.


Smart Watches - K9 Android 4.4
Smart Watches solve a fundamental problem of smartphones: you don't need to be pick up your phone from pocket and are always appreciated quickly. So the user knows immediately whether a message has been received or specific apps ready hold new information. These also include fitness apps. This filter live data for review of training plans, for example, the pulse, or distances covered steps.


Technology for each movement
However, the watch is really just an accessory. Without the radio link to the whole smartphone, it can't worke. Nevertheless, it already contains lots of technology. With its own processor, memory and local memory and a 1.56-inch display SmartWatch already goes through almost as a standalone device.

The design of the K9 smart watch is based on classic watches and acts at least as elegant as the most watch. With or without a smart watch - one thing never changes: the training plan must go through in any case itself.


Virtual Reality -
The VR now is not a unusual device, It is written by an impressive "center Penetrate sensing" or a solo home theater replacement, which allows you to dive into unknown worlds. With devices in the smartphone plugged in, and the corresponding (free) app allows virtual 3D worlds look at on the smartphone.



  •  A 3D mobile phone cinema with 3D magic glasses that enables the players to immerse in the game.
  •  The first with magnetic control and wide visual angle and it can be matched with any mobile phones within the size of 177*94mm (5.5~6.4 inches)
  • Made of high quality plastic, long time usage.
  •  Adjustable for focal distance and pupil distance.
  •  Good quality biconvex lenses to bring you wonderful real 3D experience.
  •  Professional design with head band to make it comfortable to wear.

Virtual Reality Plastic 3D VR Magic Glasses Universal For Phone 5.5"~6.4


Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth Speaker Speaking Music: Smartphones are now used as a music player, so proper mp3 player hardly to buy. Whether streaming or playing music on the internal memory (who wants to have music and movies wherever you, therefore, a device should buy with a lot of internal memory or attention to expandability via SD card), the smartphone and therefore the music is always there. But there is a queation: The sound of the small mobile speaker can not keep up with the other options. It can't go outside with you.

Small speakers can wirelessly connect to the phone and provide a significantly richer sound. Whether the campfire, on the beach or in a trip to the winter landscape, with sound powerful Bluetooth speaker is the right music always in good quality here.

wireless sound for the environment with accessories
The  mini wireless bluetooth 3.0 speaker is not the most affordable speaker, confident but with a good sound, integrated subwoofer and a powerful battery for long music sessions. and rechargeable battery for the built-in amplifier.