how to lighting well can change your life?

Like a good sofa can help us relax and to make us feel better, good lighting of a home can intervene in our mood, our behavior and even the way we conduct our daily lives.

Many people do not know how important this can be, if appropriate to the characteristics of each room lighting is not chosen. To do this, we must be clear about what you want to achieve and what part of our house we want to promote or enhance.

Therefore, we want to tell some secrets that perhaps have not taken into account when decorating your home and, after reading, you cannot miss.

1.Play with your lighting.

Sometimes choose to try new combinations and alternatives in the way of arranging the light of our home, you can make a big difference. For example, if we put our lamps to the sides or under the objects we want to emphasize, this will create more volume in them.

2. Are you one of those who has a lamp on the ceiling?

Sure, like most people on the planet. The lamp may not be the problem, but the way that you placed. Avoid lamps that emit light directly above objects, like the typical office lamp, as they cause unattractive and backlight shadows.

3. What better way to play with light with a switch!

Yes, we told you that you had to play with your enlightenment and one of the best ways is to use, as the switch. You can install a regulator that allows you to adjust each room to every situation. In addition, to soften environments, you can choose to place fixtures, you will see how everything changes.

4.If your problem is in the bathroom ...

In the first thing you think about when making an installation in your bathroom, it is in how to allocate as much as possible light. It is essential that there be a more neutral and balanced environment, for it can use low voltage halogen in a false ceiling, a ceiling lamp or light spots on this stay. With these, and taking into account their position, you can distribute light without problem and get good lighting.

5. Good lighting at a good price.

If in addition to your lighting worry you worried about the price, you do not think that good and nice always have to be expensive. You may not notice at first, but eventually appreciate the long-term illumination, such as energy saving lamps fluocompact. These last five times longer than incandescent bulbs.

If you want to decorate at a good price, you can choose halogen lamps with dimmer or processed low voltage.

6.. Move to the lighting revolution.

As we said in our post about trends lamp for this 2016 lamps LED technology come stomping in a different way, having already become a real revolution in the sector because of its higher efficiency, longer life and consumption up 85% less.

Newfrog LED light& lighting advice that: Before setting your lamps, beam tests in shadow areas and prevents light glare. Also, do not forget to unmount your bulbs every so often and wipe with a damp cloth if you want to illuminate better! it will certainly useful to get good lighting.