The lighting in the interior - design method

After a successful install a light you  can only enjoy long labors and enjoy them to the fullest. The important point, which is not necessary to turn a blind eye is illuminated. Of course, the purchase of droplight  is important , but someone thinks it is very ordinary affair. Why should take responsibility for the choice of lighting?

There are all sorts of design details, when at different levels of lighting changing effect. Therefore, you should pay attention to the colors of the room and the "fullness" furniture. For example, if the room is dominated by shades of red, the light from the bottom or "ceiling" will spoil the overall positive perception of objects. If the ceilings are low in the room, the direction of light up to visually make them higher.the light of the impact on human psychology. People with visual perception is more sensitive to the light spectrum, so there is important to choose not only the chandeliers, but lamps. The most comfortable person feels illuminated LED lamps,because it provides the most soft and pleasant to the eye light, which equates to sunlight.


Moreover, LED lamps are available in price and excellent help to save power, as they are about 15 years lifetime. So,it is attached important that choose a retail supplier . Another advantage of the lamp is its fire safety. Even the most sensitive to temperature ceiling coverings are prone to distortion. Fluorescent lamps have a cold emission spectrum, namely blue and purple. From such coverage deteriorates vision, deteriorating appetite and no desire to work.

The main thing, in advance, to carry out all the necessary communications to no further light was not enough.

Naturally, the main source of light in the room is a chandelier. It should cover most of the room and, if possible, is above the workplace: desk, computer, reading chair, etc.

Additional light sources are lamps and floor lamps. They give less light. Positioning fixtures desirable in the corners and the walls of the room. It is also beautiful and original look of light for paintings and floral compositions. Correctly chosen lighting like from newfrog can become an independent design solution and completely change your interior and the atmosphere in it.