Decorative lamp,COB LED Ceiling Light with Frosted Glass

I love the lights that create atmosphere in the house, everything becomes more romantic and enjoyable.

This decorative lamp makes her look good and create a really beautiful color design.

The decorative lamp is small and discreet, round, less thermal resistance and cooling with the perfect replace traditional Halogen Spot light bulb, the body is toroidal designed ,yellow color edge following.


The quality of materials is very good, the decorative lamp is sturdy, heavy enough.
It is quite suitable for hotel, dining-room,meeting room, drawing room,showroom, shop,corridor, telephone booth,studio and exhibition and etc. the Soft light of white play a role in eye protection.

You will not worry the Reflector,the design of no shadow avoid it,90% Energy-saving and environment-friendly

As regards the electrical connection, the lamp can be hooked directly to the electric wires by replacing existing home sconce. Inside the bulb is a small transformer that allows direct connection.


I'm renovating the studio, and I decided to put here the lamp, my electrician has tried it, and the effect is beautiful but unfortunately I have no photos because I have not had time, but I assure you this lamp is abslutely practical and beautiful. As soon as the electrician will finish the work and the lamp will be positioned permanently update the review with new photos.


                                                  COB LED Light


Meanwhile, I would absolutely recommend the purchase to the quality, the effect of the lights and the low price on newfrog led lights.