GUB SS Bike Helmet,Super Shuttle Outdoor experience

This summer I have done a bike ride with a few friends. One of the top rules: All wear a helmet. Since it is rare in recent years to not traveling by bicycle, I have always dispense with the head protection. Now I have to set a finite time. Just what ?

The search for the bike helmet

Since it is important safety equipment of a bicycle helmet, I did not run directly to the next Aldi and buy a x-any helmet. The helmet should be especially safe, convenient and very easy. After I scoured various shops and reviews, a lot of my choice finally to the Newfrog  Bike Helmet. With US$28.42 certainly no bargain. But safety goes guarantee now before times.

Set GUB SS correctly
GUB SS can be adjusted well.I have a very unfavorable head form for most bicycle helmets. But the GUB SS had to adapt well and sat behind like a glove. No wobble, no unpleasant pressure and a safe seat convinced me right from the first drive on. I must say that this was my first high-priced bicycle helmet and I was used to worse by cheap models from my childhood.



                                                     GUB SS Bike Helmet

The low weight  ensures a very short time that you completely forget the helmet on his head. Even with short stops along the way, I really forgot remove the helmet, because I was not aware that I wear it. At this point I was ever very impressed.

The design

The design, as always, the ghosts. When I see the helmet in front of me, then called me the design of entirely. It is sporty, maybe even a little futuristic. However, once I put the helmet and look in the game, then I feel like with all other helmets and my thoughts formed a very specific word: mushroom head.

mushroom head

I'm not particularly vain, so it do not mind me like a mushroom to cycle through the area. Nevertheless, I believe that I have simply no helmet face / Header.

The large and numerous holes were allegedly optimized in the wind tunnel to provide excellent ventilation to be achieved with the lowest possible air resistance. Whether that's true, I cannot say. But what is true is the fact that I myself had no signs of overheating on the hottest days of last year. Quite the opposite was the case. The design of the helmet has ensured that the head was nice and cool. The ventilation with and without wind works very well and the helmet protects brilliantly against the sunlight on the head.



                                                         GUB SS Bike Helmet

My conclusion for Newfrog GUB SS bike helmet

Weight in one size : 1    Additional set helmet pads supplied.
Generous ventilation for the head
Comfortable seat
I can see the Newfrog GUB SS highly recommended. As the first high-priced bicycle helmet he naturally first hit me off my feet, but seemed also the everyday cycling quite handy. Who does not have to pay on small change can thus go safely in the bike shop of his confidence and try on the helmet or buy online at the mountain friends.