LED Spoke Light Safety Life Bicycle Wheel, suitable for car and bike

The first thing to know is that if our vehicle is not ready for the use of LEDs is possible that the control unit detects an error (actually nonexistent) when we install LED lamps in our car. This is because the consumption of the LED bulbs is so low compared to a conventional light bulb, the car to perform the 'testing' initial, does not detect any light bulb.


Yes, but then, is there flicker solution? LED Canbus



If no solution can not be a solution for 100% of cases, but it will solve this problem in most cases. These bulbs with CANBUS system like this.


The CANBUS system includes a resistance that consumes some power to 'tell' to the control of our vehicle is there an LED bulb installed.


The light should go out and still on


Sometimes it can happen that, after installing LED technology in the car, the interior light stays on after such closing doors, or after turning it off manually with this switch enabled. This is due to residual current small that continue to circulate through the interior wiring of our vehicle. These currents in any case be enough to make you look a conventional luminaire, but a LED.


We can avoid this problem in most cases using a light bulb with CANBUS system.



LED lights for short and long


Today, from Microlight we are testing in this type of bulbs to include in our full range of LED car bulbs, we recommend to be careful with what you buy regarding this type of lighting. Since our company conducted a large number of design and durability tests all products that sell finally, in this way, to provide assurance and support to our clientes.lampara-led-car-red with light bulbs for short and long, it took us to rule out many prototypes and numerous meetings with factory strike a balance that would allow proper lighting and perfect management by the heat sink of the bulb. This balance is vital, and we see it reflected in modern lighting systems LED road are now incorporating many new vehicles, these luminaires include complex systems cooling / forced ventilation to ensure the durability of the fixtures.