H.264 P2P 720P HD Wireless Alarm System IP Security Camera Outdoor -Wireless alarm. Adjustable itself

Once some cats ,dogs come with you in you venhicle but be law-abiding. maybe some of them jump over your car hood, ,scratch it.. - the problem quite eliminate. It's all about adjusting the wireless signal. How did it correctly adjusted?


There are two options - either to go to the Technical Center, where you will adjust the alarm experts, or try to customize it. In the first case, everything is simple, in the second you need to be smart and skill. Let's see how to adjust their own signaling.



This requires the user's manual. It is advisable to bring along a good friend, who will play the role of "test", and driven away in a place where your "test" will not annoy the people around them. Once the necessary conditions have been recreated, to find inner main unit alarm (under the dashboard).


This unit is the sensitivity of the regulator. He has the form of a plastic screw. Finding it, gently adjust the sensitivity on the basis of the instructions to the wireless signal. At that time comrade has to "feel" this sensitivity. Here it is necessary to rely on common sense and on the adequacy of the response of the device. Cohesive action is likely to give you a positive result.



Maybe you want to come to the aid of "experts"  who not only want to help in the elimination of this trouble, but also offer a complete reinstall or update its alarm.


However, it should work good sense, because, as practice suggests, the accumulated experience professionally engaged in these firms do not compete with the views and experience of the person who perceives the fascination of motor vehicle technology, as a hobby. But remember, no matter how compelling was the master  in his words, it is best to contact a qualified service center, which will answer all your questions and solve any problem associated with the operation of security systems.