2016: Sony introduces three new smart phones and connected devices

Sony Mobile unveils the new face of the brand Xperia smartphones with the first of the series "X" and new connected objects that will transform the way we interact with the world.


Hiroki Totoki, CEO and President of Sony Mobile Communications says


Sony Mobile will continue to create products and services more personalized and intelligent, that will encourage consumers to live a more creative experience than ever. Our passion for technology drives us to develop new features that make our always smart smartphones. We want to change codes and democratize access to information and the way we interact with our loved ones.


The first smartphone series "X": X Performance Xperia, Xperia and Xperia X XA.


Xperia X Series embodies the new vision of Sony Mobile. It incorporates new intelligent functions to those already recognized and appreciated: the photo, autonomy and design.


The device new generation picture last Xperia smart phones allows you to take candid shots of moving subjects while maintaining crisp details. The new intuitive hybrid autofocus (Xperia X and Xperia X Performance), is developed in close collaboration with engineers working on Sony cameras range αTM. He anticipates movements of the subject photographed to enable capture the action without any blur.

Xperia X Series features intelligent battery management, providing up to two days of battery life1. For the first time, Sony integrates its intelligent charging technology designed with Qnovo2. With this new technology, the battery life is growing. Every smart phone has been designed to be even more efficient and make the most advanced technologies through Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 650 (Xperia X), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (Xperia X Performance) and Media tek Helio P10 (Xperia XA).


As part of this new series, the Sony designers have worked to provide the best materials, textures and shapes for a unique experience. The three new smart phones are equipped with curved glass screen and a rounded case ensuring a comfortable grip. The Xperia XA has meanwhile edges without a screen.


Smart phones Xperia X, Xperia and Xperia X Performance XA each have a range of protective cases matching that will decline in four stylish colors: white, black, graphite, gold and rose gold yellow, available from summer 2016 .


New communication experiences with the latest Xperia connected and intelligent objects

The new Xperia connected objects and concepts are designed to fit every situation of daily life, at home or away. Xperia Ear embodies a new way to communicate, without taking his eyes to the world around us. Xperia Ear provides useful information such as their calendar, weather and the latest news to stay informed wherever you may be. Sony works with voice recognition technology, it responds to voice commands. Nothing is easier than asking him to dial a number, do an Internet search, dictate a message or be guided to an address. With Xperia Ear, use the features of a smartphone and enjoy the environment around us becomes possible.

Xperia Ear connects to all Android smart phones NFC Bluetooth® or via an application with fully customizable settings. The most relevant information back very easily from the first connection of the day and all orders is customizable.

Lightweight and comfortable headset soft silicone designed for everyday use. She is not afraid of water (IPX2 protection) and has a full day of autonomie3. Xperia Ear is available in graphite black, it also has an innovative case can be used for recharging.

Ear Xperia will be launched from the summer of 2016.