Tuning with LEDs - You should base

Tuning with LEDs is becoming more popular. This is not surprising, LEDs do not require response time but firstly as conventional incandescent bulbs, are available in numerous colors and sizes, and even help save power. The long lifetime completes these qualities perfectly. However, you must note the block of LEDs on the car lot. This ranges from legal requirements to the physical properties, bring the LEDs.

Tune with LEDs around the vehicle

First held LEDs inside the vehicles collection. Indoor and speedometer lights, additional ground lighting in many spectacular colors such as green, blue or red were soon taken for granted in the tuning. However, knowing the least vehicle owners that even the replacement of the conventional vehicle lighting is prohibited against colored LEDs - many technical examiners complain that even in the main study. Who then want to replace with LEDs his speedometer, often results before the much more favorable "Do it yourself" version. But here you need to consider not only the correct voltage, LEDs also have a direction in which the current flows. Also - if it is not to complete sets, you also have to solder a resistor.

Technical features of LEDs

In addition, the LEDs and resistors must be dimensioned so small that they can be reasonably used in the mountings for the conventional vehicle lighting. But even those who want to replace finished components such as taillights with LED technology or parking lights and turn signals on the LEDs LED tuning, the voltage must observe here. The higher than with LEDs for conventional light sources. In addition, errors occur when blinking, or the on-board computer logs defective lights and remain lit annoying warning lights on. This can be remedied by installing a special LED with relay. This shows the control unit of the vehicle or the flasher relay at the rated voltage. Bright indicator light, corresponding error in the error memory and rapidly flashing turn signals are a thing of the past.


Customize LEDs on components

Besides there are also the places where LEDs are to be installed, which are not always ideal - just the shaping of specific components of cars, scooters and quads would severely limit the tuning with LEDs. But they offer flexible LED lights that adapt to any surface shape perfectly. Available are such flexible LED lights, for example, under newfrog you will also find many other components and solutions to enable the LED tuning to your own vehicle.