Colorful kid tracker wristbands keep toddlers and youngsters safe and sound

Kid Tracker Safety Alarm   Bluetooth Wristband– First look and thoughts

Life can get hectic, running errands, dropping kids off, going to the park, getting back and forth to work and after school functions. Crowded city spaces and busy streets can make keeping an eye on children difficult. Not only that, but any happy and healthy youngster has a tendency to run around and explore. All this can lead to the unthinkable – a situation where a parent cannot locate their child. This frightening outcome can now be avoided using the power of technology. The Remote Anti-Lost Toddler Kid Tracker Safety Alarm Bluetooth Wristband is a device that is fun for kids and provides a huge amount of relief to busy parents.

Design and Build

The design of this bracelet is perfect for children. It is made from a soft silicon and rubber and is sized just right for little arms. Kids love the many colorful choices and are naturally drawn to it. It will never be difficult to get a youngster to wear this fun style.

Another smart consideration that went into the design was the padded wrap around the device body. It is soft and protective so it won’t hurt a child while playing and it also protects the device itself from bumps and damage when attached to a rambunctious and playful little one. The wristband and device is also waterproof so it’s play-ready for any location.



Using the super energy efficient and reliable Bluetooth 4.0 protocol makes connecting and pairing easy.  Connect to a phone and the alarm remote simply and easily and protection for kids is ready to go. The alarm distance is set to 30 meters to allow for moving and playing children and if disconnected, the alarm will signal and beep instantly.


Because the Anti-Lost Toddler Kid Tracker Safety Alarm Bluetooth Wristband uses the new super energy efficient Bluetooth protocol, battery life is not an issue. It uses a standard and inexpensive CR2032 watch battery to power the device and it never needs recharging. After the long life of the battery is exhausted it can be easily and quickly changed by the user.


Applications and Features

The most vital feature of the device is the anti-lost function but Kid Tracker Wristband adds even more value with a few extra cool features.

Anti-Lost alarm:Parents can now rest easy. Once connected, if the child goes beyond the 30 meter limit the anti-lost alarm will instantly beep to alert the situation. A wonderful feature for concerned parents on the go.

Remote camera shutter: Having fun with kids is one of life’s important pleasures and the remote camera shutter makes taking group photos easy. One click and a memory is captured forever.

Missed calls reminder: Compatible with iOS and Android, missed calls and messages alerts will help parents keep in touch.

Final thoughts

One of the best things about technology is how it can help with safety, especially when it comes to children. Bluetooth is no longer just about receiving calls and messages, it is now about family safety and preventing accidents. Combining fun colors, durable design and vitally important features, the Anti-Lost Toddler Kid Tracker Safety Alarm Bluetooth Wristband gives parents the peace of mind they need at a price that anyone can afford. Help kids learn about responsibility and keep them safe at all times with this clever new wearable from Newfrog(

Summary: An inexpensive wearable from Newfrog uses Bluetooth to keep children in sight and safe in any location.