Smartphone gadgets newfrog offer

Without Smartphone one is only half a man - no music, no Facebook, no camera. Oh, no phone. That will change soon. In the not too distant future, you should be more than a quarter of people without smartphone. The reason: More and more smart phone gadgets. Introducing the best.


Smart Watches - K9 Android 4.4
Smart Watches solve a fundamental problem of smartphones: you don't need to be pick up your phone from pocket and are always appreciated quickly. So the user knows immediately whether a message has been received or specific apps ready hold new information. These also include fitness apps. This filter live data for review of training plans, for example, the pulse, or distances covered steps.


Technology for each movement
However, the watch is really just an accessory. Without the radio link to the whole smartphone, it can't worke. Nevertheless, it already contains lots of technology. With its own processor, memory and local memory and a 1.56-inch display SmartWatch already goes through almost as a standalone device.

The design of the K9 smart watch is based on classic watches and acts at least as elegant as the most watch. With or without a smart watch - one thing never changes: the training plan must go through in any case itself.


Virtual Reality -
The VR now is not a unusual device, It is written by an impressive "center Penetrate sensing" or a solo home theater replacement, which allows you to dive into unknown worlds. With devices in the smartphone plugged in, and the corresponding (free) app allows virtual 3D worlds look at on the smartphone.



  •  A 3D mobile phone cinema with 3D magic glasses that enables the players to immerse in the game.
  •  The first with magnetic control and wide visual angle and it can be matched with any mobile phones within the size of 177*94mm (5.5~6.4 inches)
  • Made of high quality plastic, long time usage.
  •  Adjustable for focal distance and pupil distance.
  •  Good quality biconvex lenses to bring you wonderful real 3D experience.
  •  Professional design with head band to make it comfortable to wear.

Virtual Reality Plastic 3D VR Magic Glasses Universal For Phone 5.5"~6.4


Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth Speaker Speaking Music: Smartphones are now used as a music player, so proper mp3 player hardly to buy. Whether streaming or playing music on the internal memory (who wants to have music and movies wherever you, therefore, a device should buy with a lot of internal memory or attention to expandability via SD card), the smartphone and therefore the music is always there. But there is a queation: The sound of the small mobile speaker can not keep up with the other options. It can't go outside with you.

Small speakers can wirelessly connect to the phone and provide a significantly richer sound. Whether the campfire, on the beach or in a trip to the winter landscape, with sound powerful Bluetooth speaker is the right music always in good quality here.

wireless sound for the environment with accessories
The  mini wireless bluetooth 3.0 speaker is not the most affordable speaker, confident but with a good sound, integrated subwoofer and a powerful battery for long music sessions. and rechargeable battery for the built-in amplifier.



Corning announces Gorilla Glass SR +, super-resistant glass for wearable devices


Just one month after the submission of the new 5 Gorilla Glass, Corning unveiled Gorilla Glass even today the unprecedented SR + a new super-resistant glass layer dedicated to the segment of wearable devices. Fruit of that "Project Phire", by which Corning has long studied to create a material that would combine wearable for the duration of the Gorilla Glass with the level of scratch resistance of sapphire crystal, after more than a year after the launch of the project , that's Gorilla Glass SR + is ready to come to market.

 CORNING, N.Y., August 30, 2016 - Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced the new glass Corning Gorilla SR +. Specifically designed for wearable devices, this new material composed of glass significantly reduces visible scratches while offering hardness, optical clarity and touch sensitivity that made him famous Gorilla Glass over the years.

As stated by the company, Gorilla Glass SR + will offer 70% more resistance to scratches and bumps than mounted edges display the current smart watch and better readability in direct sunlight situations thanks to 25% reflectivity less.

Corning Gorilla Glass SR + will come later this year on the market,with new smart watch avaliable online like newfrog smart watch.  in conjunction with the first wearable devices that will use this new type of protective glass.



How to choose a faucet for the bathroom and kitchen?

How to choose a faucet for the kitchen, bathroom with shower. The question may seem simple at first glance, but if you do not take into account some of the nuances that may turn out that the choice made will enjoy,Not so comfortable as it could.

Besides, everyone feels at least a little designer.


When performing repair and elaboration of interior design, a professional designer pays attention not only to the global things that immediately catch the eye, but also a variety of smaller elements. In particular, even the choices of equipment must comply with not only practical but also aesthetic needs.

Those taps, they are always on the mind, and therefore they can be considered one of the components of the interior. It is important to note that at the moment almost any plumbing shop can offer the different kinds of mixers, a technology of their work, as well as in appearance.

If you are aiming for continuing use mixers in your home,don't rush to buy the cheapest options, remember the phrase "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things"



The cheapest models are usually made of materials not too reliable. Most often, silumin is used which has a high friability. It should be understood that the wear of the mixer will be much faster than, for example, brass or stainless steel.


How to choose a kitchen faucet
Individual attention mixers for the kitchen, because here the intensity of use of the crane will be much higher than in the same bathroom. For this reason, it is recommended to choose easy-to-manage kinds of mixers.

For example, single-lever design. They use ceramic or ball elements for constipation and regulating water flow. With the right approach to the production of the manufacturer, they will serve a long time, and their appearance is perfect for a modern interior.


Faucets for bath and kitchen are the same
Structurally, made a long time known variant, with two handles, but this does not mean that there are necessarily used crane axle box with rubber or silicone gaskets.

Among these models, under the classical view can also hide modern technology, ceramic elements used in them. Cranes with such elements have a short course so they are called poluoborotnye. It is easy to check by turning the tap handle, the maximum it will move less than one full revolution.


There are also the most advanced models, which are not only comfortable, but also safe. Any mixer with thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of the water once and never worry about it. This valve will not allow you to pour cold water or boiling water, because automatically adjusts the temperature to the set level.
Faucet's choosing can't be regards casual,it is considerative to visit newfrog home for it.

how to lighting well can change your life?

Like a good sofa can help us relax and to make us feel better, good lighting of a home can intervene in our mood, our behavior and even the way we conduct our daily lives.

Many people do not know how important this can be, if appropriate to the characteristics of each room lighting is not chosen. To do this, we must be clear about what you want to achieve and what part of our house we want to promote or enhance.

Therefore, we want to tell some secrets that perhaps have not taken into account when decorating your home and, after reading, you cannot miss.

1.Play with your lighting.

Sometimes choose to try new combinations and alternatives in the way of arranging the light of our home, you can make a big difference. For example, if we put our lamps to the sides or under the objects we want to emphasize, this will create more volume in them.

2. Are you one of those who has a lamp on the ceiling?

Sure, like most people on the planet. The lamp may not be the problem, but the way that you placed. Avoid lamps that emit light directly above objects, like the typical office lamp, as they cause unattractive and backlight shadows.

3. What better way to play with light with a switch!

Yes, we told you that you had to play with your enlightenment and one of the best ways is to use, as the switch. You can install a regulator that allows you to adjust each room to every situation. In addition, to soften environments, you can choose to place fixtures, you will see how everything changes.

4.If your problem is in the bathroom ...

In the first thing you think about when making an installation in your bathroom, it is in how to allocate as much as possible light. It is essential that there be a more neutral and balanced environment, for it can use low voltage halogen in a false ceiling, a ceiling lamp or light spots on this stay. With these, and taking into account their position, you can distribute light without problem and get good lighting.

5. Good lighting at a good price.

If in addition to your lighting worry you worried about the price, you do not think that good and nice always have to be expensive. You may not notice at first, but eventually appreciate the long-term illumination, such as energy saving lamps fluocompact. These last five times longer than incandescent bulbs.

If you want to decorate at a good price, you can choose halogen lamps with dimmer or processed low voltage.

6.. Move to the lighting revolution.

As we said in our post about trends lamp for this 2016 lamps LED technology come stomping in a different way, having already become a real revolution in the sector because of its higher efficiency, longer life and consumption up 85% less.

Newfrog LED light& lighting advice that: Before setting your lamps, beam tests in shadow areas and prevents light glare. Also, do not forget to unmount your bulbs every so often and wipe with a damp cloth if you want to illuminate better! it will certainly useful to get good lighting.

Vodool 3D・VR - スマートフォン用の3Dメガネ






これらのポイントの一つはあっても、3D映像を見ることができますモデルVodool 3D・VR、です。このモデルは、快適で、頭の上に静かに座って見たときのビジョンを台無しにしません。デバイスは4.7〜6インチのディスプレイサイズをサポートしています。 iPhone 6cのために、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plusはある、iPhone 5S、iPhone 5S、iPhone 5、ギャラクシー注4、ギャラクシーノート3、ギャラクシーS6エッジ、ギャラクシーS6、LGのG3、SONYのXperia Z3 +、:サポートされている携帯電話のリストは以下の通りでしたHTC Oneマックス、このページに購入する際にVodool 3D・VRスマートフォン費用はたったの$ 12.84を、クーポンを使用すると、「NFVRGlasses」に816、One M9、ASUS Zenfone 2.モデル点欲望、あなたは15%の割引を受けることができます。

How to choose a bedroom ceiling lamp ?

The ceiling lamp is a vital part in home lighting. Regardless of the style we choose the first thing we know when thinking about the lighting in our house , ceiling lamps go into each stay. In this case we are going to propose things to keep in mind to select the lamp bedroom ceiling.

Ceiling lamp put in the bedroom is important both for aesthetics and light level.because the bedroom lighting is important,  although we are not aware of the influences the mood both at bedtime and upon awakening.


Typically, and depending on the size of the room, one of the points of light of the bedrooms usually falls on the bed, especially in the case of the master bedroom. In these cases you can play with larger hanging lamps. Do not bother to step (no one goes under in these cases) and fills the space without recharging, as in the bedroom furniture are usually lower.

The type of bedroom ceiling lamps must fit or contrast with the rest of the bedroom decor. The styles and patterns are varied and give us can bring a lot to the whole room.

Newfrog ceiling lamp

The ceilings are very succored for lighting bedrooms. They are very suitable lamps ceiling when not have a high altitude in the stay. There are many different models available. They can be soffits with glass screens with textile screens, with more or less striking adjustable spotlights. If you opt for this type of ceiling lamp, personally, I would look different styles, not to limit the basics. Not because it is not right, but because when we opt for it because it is that we really like. The panels fit into classical, modern and current decorations.


This type of chandeliers for bedrooms are perhaps the most classic that come to mind, but there are many lamps of this style that have been upgraded giving way to lamps really modern spider, which fit perfectly in modern and rustic styles. The chandeliers are perfect for rustic and classic bedrooms.

In Newfrog we offer lamps and specific lighting for all rooms of the house and in the most varied styles. Check out our online site, select the product you like, receive it comfortably at home.

The lighting in the interior - design method

After a successful install a light you  can only enjoy long labors and enjoy them to the fullest. The important point, which is not necessary to turn a blind eye is illuminated. Of course, the purchase of droplight  is important , but someone thinks it is very ordinary affair. Why should take responsibility for the choice of lighting?

There are all sorts of design details, when at different levels of lighting changing effect. Therefore, you should pay attention to the colors of the room and the "fullness" furniture. For example, if the room is dominated by shades of red, the light from the bottom or "ceiling" will spoil the overall positive perception of objects. If the ceilings are low in the room, the direction of light up to visually make them higher.the light of the impact on human psychology. People with visual perception is more sensitive to the light spectrum, so there is important to choose not only the chandeliers, but lamps. The most comfortable person feels illuminated LED lamps,because it provides the most soft and pleasant to the eye light, which equates to sunlight.


Moreover, LED lamps are available in price and excellent help to save power, as they are about 15 years lifetime. So,it is attached important that choose a retail supplier . Another advantage of the lamp is its fire safety. Even the most sensitive to temperature ceiling coverings are prone to distortion. Fluorescent lamps have a cold emission spectrum, namely blue and purple. From such coverage deteriorates vision, deteriorating appetite and no desire to work.

The main thing, in advance, to carry out all the necessary communications to no further light was not enough.

Naturally, the main source of light in the room is a chandelier. It should cover most of the room and, if possible, is above the workplace: desk, computer, reading chair, etc.

Additional light sources are lamps and floor lamps. They give less light. Positioning fixtures desirable in the corners and the walls of the room. It is also beautiful and original look of light for paintings and floral compositions. Correctly chosen lighting like from newfrog can become an independent design solution and completely change your interior and the atmosphere in it.