Decorative lamp,COB LED Ceiling Light with Frosted Glass

I love the lights that create atmosphere in the house, everything becomes more romantic and enjoyable.

This decorative lamp makes her look good and create a really beautiful color design.

The decorative lamp is small and discreet, round, less thermal resistance and cooling with the perfect replace traditional Halogen Spot light bulb, the body is toroidal designed ,yellow color edge following.


The quality of materials is very good, the decorative lamp is sturdy, heavy enough.
It is quite suitable for hotel, dining-room,meeting room, drawing room,showroom, shop,corridor, telephone booth,studio and exhibition and etc. the Soft light of white play a role in eye protection.

You will not worry the Reflector,the design of no shadow avoid it,90% Energy-saving and environment-friendly

As regards the electrical connection, the lamp can be hooked directly to the electric wires by replacing existing home sconce. Inside the bulb is a small transformer that allows direct connection.


I'm renovating the studio, and I decided to put here the lamp, my electrician has tried it, and the effect is beautiful but unfortunately I have no photos because I have not had time, but I assure you this lamp is abslutely practical and beautiful. As soon as the electrician will finish the work and the lamp will be positioned permanently update the review with new photos.


                                                  COB LED Light


Meanwhile, I would absolutely recommend the purchase to the quality, the effect of the lights and the low price on newfrog led lights.

Mobile accessories: the most trivial to the vital newfrog provide


The mobile phone market is huge and mobile accessories in the hundreds. Some of the gadget order the stickers or even jewelry portable ... Others are genuinely useful, even indispensable. A brief overview of mobile accessories.

 Cover and screen protection for your mobile phone

Since the arrival of smartphones, mobile phones have become objects both beautiful and fragile that care must be taken. Currently, accessories for the best selling mobiles are the protective shell and cover for Smartphone. Well protected in its case, your mobile phone is not afraid (almost) anything!

It is also possible to protect the screen of his cell phone against wear thanks to an accessory for mobile very useful: a plastic film attached directly on the screen.



                                  Bling Faux Leather Wallet Case Full Cover Crystal for iPhone 5S 5


Bluetooth kit and car charger for the car

Between phone and drive, you really have to choose? Not necessarily ! By investing in a Bluetooth kit compatible with your mobile phone, you can call hands free and so continue your road safely!

Equally essential when one passes a lot of time in his car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter. More battery problem! Your cell phone may charge for long hours in traffic.


                  Bluetooth 3.0 Music Receiver Adapter with Microphone for iPhone iPod Black

Headphones and stereo cables for Smartphone

Smartphone owners have the ability to store music on their mobile. With the stereo cable to wired or Bluetooth headphones, they can listen to their playlists on the medium of their choice, quality and more!


                          MIC Headphone Earphone Headsets for PC Computer Cell Phone

Discover the latest mobile phones accessories on newfrog.

GUB SS Bike Helmet,Super Shuttle Outdoor experience

This summer I have done a bike ride with a few friends. One of the top rules: All wear a helmet. Since it is rare in recent years to not traveling by bicycle, I have always dispense with the head protection. Now I have to set a finite time. Just what ?

The search for the bike helmet

Since it is important safety equipment of a bicycle helmet, I did not run directly to the next Aldi and buy a x-any helmet. The helmet should be especially safe, convenient and very easy. After I scoured various shops and reviews, a lot of my choice finally to the Newfrog  Bike Helmet. With US$28.42 certainly no bargain. But safety goes guarantee now before times.

Set GUB SS correctly
GUB SS can be adjusted well.I have a very unfavorable head form for most bicycle helmets. But the GUB SS had to adapt well and sat behind like a glove. No wobble, no unpleasant pressure and a safe seat convinced me right from the first drive on. I must say that this was my first high-priced bicycle helmet and I was used to worse by cheap models from my childhood.



                                                     GUB SS Bike Helmet

The low weight  ensures a very short time that you completely forget the helmet on his head. Even with short stops along the way, I really forgot remove the helmet, because I was not aware that I wear it. At this point I was ever very impressed.

The design

The design, as always, the ghosts. When I see the helmet in front of me, then called me the design of entirely. It is sporty, maybe even a little futuristic. However, once I put the helmet and look in the game, then I feel like with all other helmets and my thoughts formed a very specific word: mushroom head.

mushroom head

I'm not particularly vain, so it do not mind me like a mushroom to cycle through the area. Nevertheless, I believe that I have simply no helmet face / Header.

The large and numerous holes were allegedly optimized in the wind tunnel to provide excellent ventilation to be achieved with the lowest possible air resistance. Whether that's true, I cannot say. But what is true is the fact that I myself had no signs of overheating on the hottest days of last year. Quite the opposite was the case. The design of the helmet has ensured that the head was nice and cool. The ventilation with and without wind works very well and the helmet protects brilliantly against the sunlight on the head.



                                                         GUB SS Bike Helmet

My conclusion for Newfrog GUB SS bike helmet

Weight in one size : 1    Additional set helmet pads supplied.
Generous ventilation for the head
Comfortable seat
I can see the Newfrog GUB SS highly recommended. As the first high-priced bicycle helmet he naturally first hit me off my feet, but seemed also the everyday cycling quite handy. Who does not have to pay on small change can thus go safely in the bike shop of his confidence and try on the helmet or buy online at the mountain friends.



How to know whether your car tire pressure is too low or not with the tire pressure indicator?

Low tire pressure has the potential to create a tremendous impact on your safety while you are on the road. On the other hand, it can influence the environment as well as your fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is extremely important for all the vehicle owners to have the right amount of tire pressure at every time when they hit the road. But how can you figure out whether your tire pressure is low or high? That’s where this car tire pressure indicator comes into play.


                                                car tire pressure indicator

All the vehicle owners can think about investing their money on a tire pressure monitor valve cap sensor. It is the most convenient method available for them to figure out whether the tire pressure is low or not.If a car tire pressure indicator is made out of chromed metal, you will not have to worry about the durability once you plug it into the tire. and it round style cap has the ability to measure up to 36PSI. You will also be able to fix this indicator on any standard size tire with the existing valve system. You will not have to go through hassle in making any other adjustments.


                                                  car tire pressure indicator

Using a tire pressure indicatorneed to be as simple as possible so you will not have to worry about anything. You just need to set it for one time and let it do the rest. Once the tire pressure is low, you would be notified visually, which is the most convenient method. Then you will be able to determine whether your tire is in good condition or not. In other words, you will get the opportunity to stay away from blowouts that can take place as a result of under-inflated tires and avoid premature tire wear.

How to installing the car tire pressure indicator ? First of all, you will need to determine the correct pressure of your tires. Usually the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is indicated in a sticker that is located near the door of the driver. Then you need to inflate the tire until you reach the ideal tire pressure. Then you can simply install this pressure cap and determine whether your tire pressure is low or not.

LED Spoke Light Safety Life Bicycle Wheel, suitable for car and bike

The first thing to know is that if our vehicle is not ready for the use of LEDs is possible that the control unit detects an error (actually nonexistent) when we install LED lamps in our car. This is because the consumption of the LED bulbs is so low compared to a conventional light bulb, the car to perform the 'testing' initial, does not detect any light bulb.


Yes, but then, is there flicker solution? LED Canbus



If no solution can not be a solution for 100% of cases, but it will solve this problem in most cases. These bulbs with CANBUS system like this.


The CANBUS system includes a resistance that consumes some power to 'tell' to the control of our vehicle is there an LED bulb installed.


The light should go out and still on


Sometimes it can happen that, after installing LED technology in the car, the interior light stays on after such closing doors, or after turning it off manually with this switch enabled. This is due to residual current small that continue to circulate through the interior wiring of our vehicle. These currents in any case be enough to make you look a conventional luminaire, but a LED.


We can avoid this problem in most cases using a light bulb with CANBUS system.



LED lights for short and long


Today, from Microlight we are testing in this type of bulbs to include in our full range of LED car bulbs, we recommend to be careful with what you buy regarding this type of lighting. Since our company conducted a large number of design and durability tests all products that sell finally, in this way, to provide assurance and support to our clientes.lampara-led-car-red with light bulbs for short and long, it took us to rule out many prototypes and numerous meetings with factory strike a balance that would allow proper lighting and perfect management by the heat sink of the bulb. This balance is vital, and we see it reflected in modern lighting systems LED road are now incorporating many new vehicles, these luminaires include complex systems cooling / forced ventilation to ensure the durability of the fixtures.

H.264 P2P 720P HD Wireless Alarm System IP Security Camera Outdoor -Wireless alarm. Adjustable itself

Once some cats ,dogs come with you in you venhicle but be law-abiding. maybe some of them jump over your car hood, ,scratch it.. - the problem quite eliminate. It's all about adjusting the wireless signal. How did it correctly adjusted?


There are two options - either to go to the Technical Center, where you will adjust the alarm experts, or try to customize it. In the first case, everything is simple, in the second you need to be smart and skill. Let's see how to adjust their own signaling.



This requires the user's manual. It is advisable to bring along a good friend, who will play the role of "test", and driven away in a place where your "test" will not annoy the people around them. Once the necessary conditions have been recreated, to find inner main unit alarm (under the dashboard).


This unit is the sensitivity of the regulator. He has the form of a plastic screw. Finding it, gently adjust the sensitivity on the basis of the instructions to the wireless signal. At that time comrade has to "feel" this sensitivity. Here it is necessary to rely on common sense and on the adequacy of the response of the device. Cohesive action is likely to give you a positive result.



Maybe you want to come to the aid of "experts"  who not only want to help in the elimination of this trouble, but also offer a complete reinstall or update its alarm.


However, it should work good sense, because, as practice suggests, the accumulated experience professionally engaged in these firms do not compete with the views and experience of the person who perceives the fascination of motor vehicle technology, as a hobby. But remember, no matter how compelling was the master  in his words, it is best to contact a qualified service center, which will answer all your questions and solve any problem associated with the operation of security systems.

what useful tuning accessories can be attached to the car-HD Car Sun Visor Goggles Mirror

Sooner or later, all car owners will think about how they can improve, change their cars. Many aftermarket parts is on the market, and amidst all this diversity you need to find those items those in addition to what would look nice on the car, more and with useful function.


Cheap and very useful accessories are tuning car visor, which are mounted on the side car door or in the front of the car. Like goggles mirror, This item is designed for clip onto your existing sun shade to shade the sunshine in the day & prevents car lights at night. The main principle is Eyes comfort, relieve eye fatigue, effectively protect the safety of driving under the strong light. Cause function alternative, for blocking the car light in the night ,shading the sunshine in the day . and with Fatigue to reduce the harmful light of visual stimuli.



Visor, or also known as deflectors at the windows. All these products have a plastic substrate, which thus several ways to attach them. The most common car owners attach the accessory using double-sided tape. To do this, the surface on which it is mounted visor - wiped, degreased and glued part. The only drawback of such fasteners is that the item may be slightly glued and then the road visor may just simply fall away.



 Visor also includespecial fasteners, which cling to the gums near the holding glasses. Such fasteners in any case will not allow to fall accessory, but in some cases, these fasteners can interfere with up and down windows. Thus, it should be noted that in any ways with fasteners have their drawbacks, and yet it is not the only tuning parts that can be attached to your favorite cars.



Do not forget the door sills, which are attached to the same double-scotch in the doorway. They are designed for you to protect the metal part of the car, for which people can engage their feet, while damaging it. Most popular lining - rubber, but there are chrome, and even metal.



One of the most notable and popular items are the spoilers, which can be immediately noticed, as they differ significantly from the bumper cars, even if the spoiler is perfect in color. The aerodynamic properties of this accessory will help preserve normal control car at high speeds.


The entire list - a small part of the variety of aftermarket parts for cars. And in order to buy what you need, it is necessary to study the different features of the tuning machines. For car accessories, newfrog provide a online platform.


Good luck on the road!